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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Michael and Stephanie's Wedding

Well, its that time of year...which means I am once again back in the land of romance and matrimonial bliss - photographically speaking. I don't photograph more than about 20 weddings a year, but in Australia, this is the season to do it. It is summer time, and the living is busy. I enjoy wedding photography, and I keep it to about 20 per year because I enjoy it. The last thing I want to happen is the demise of my passion for photography as a result of its abuse for purely financial gains. In fact, the loss of the passion would put the death knell on my ability to produce worthwhile images anyway. So, I choose to diversify my work and keep all my passions alive in so doing.
But back to Stephanie and Michael...
Today's wedding was Michael and Stephanie's big day. Stephanie's main concern was confirming her entrance by seaplane to the ceremony, which was held at Portsea Hotel in - where else - Portsea, Victoria. I have photographed some entrances in my day, but this is my first seaplane....I was once again accompanied by my friend and assistant, Richard Annable, and without his assistance I really don't think I could have taken all the photographs necessary. Maintaining Stephanie and Michael's attention was a real challenge, despite their reassurances that they really did want some great photographs of their wedding! But wedding days can be like that. And every wedding is different.
Congratulations Michael and Stephanie. Thank you for the honour of allowing me to be your photographer.

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