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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grant and Eliza's wedding

Anyone who has been following this blog or who knows me personally understands that unlike many photographers I actually enjoy photographing weddings. Some weddings are an absolute pleasure to photograph. While I feel that way about most weddings I admit, there are some you really enjoy. Such was the case with Grant and Eliza's wedding over the weekend. Grant works for Camera Action in Melbourne and so he knows me as the editor of Better Pictures, the 'Camera House workshops guy' and of course as a photographer I suppose. Because Grant works in the photography industry, he understands the value of good photography at a wedding and the time it takes to create great images. So together, he and Eliza planned their day so that we could have the time necessary to produce successful wedding images from their day. Eliza looked absolutely beautiful. More than that, she is wonderfully photogenic. If there is one thing I have learned over the years its that beautiful and photogenic do not always mean the same thing. But Eliza was the perfect combination of both on her wedding day. She looked so lovely and her ability to pose with confidence, elegance and poise made my job so much easier. Grant was also enjoying himself too and had no problem either smiling, hamming it up or posing for his photographs. I made sure he got plenty of make out opportunities for the photos...the grooms seem to like that...
I make sure to have as much fun as possible at every wedding. The last thing a couple want on their wedding day is a wet blanket. A wet blanket might take great photographs but he will also be remembered for spoiling a good portion of their day. I like to make sure that to the best of my ability we are all having fun.I was accompanied on this shoot by friend and fellow photographer, Richard Annable (my regular comedy sidekick) and my nephew's girlfriend, Karen, whose newly rediscovered love for photography, helpful disposition and thoroughly cheeky personality made her company an absolute pleasure. She learned how to be a Voice Activated Light Stand (VALS) by holding my Nikon SB800 and Richard did his usual great job of assisting and second shooting. Together we 'Three Amigos' laughed and photographed our way through the day. And when we finished the wedding, we drove to my place, ordered a pizza and watched...the Three Amigos.
All in all, what a way to spend a day....
Congratulations Grant and Eliza. Thanks for honouring me with the pleasure of photographing your wedding day!

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