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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Philip and Dianne's wedding

Last Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Philip and Dianne's wedding. Once again I was accompanied by friend and fellow photographer, Richard Annable. For some inexplicable reason, Richard loves to come to my weddings and assist for me. And the wonderful thing is, he is at doing so and acts as a fabulous second shooter.

Philip and Dianne both got ready at the same place, a beautiful property in Kangaroo Ground. We had plenty of time before the actual wedding to photograph the couple together. From a photography standpoint, I think this is a great idea. While many couples would prefer the traditional approach in which the groom does not get to see his bride before she stands at the end of a long aisle, the pre-ceremony photography session has serious advantages to the couple in terms of their photography. The photographer is fresher and more energetic and the couple still looks fabulous. The makeup is still fresh, the couple have not been through the sometimes arduous process of a ceremony and there are no other people around to distract them. It is a process I would recommend to all couples for whom photographs are more important than tradition.
Well done Phillip and Dianne.
Congratulations to you both and thank you for the honour of granting me your wedding photography.

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