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Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Creative People Photography workshop

Saturday once again saw me at Abbotsford Convent running the Creative People Photography workshop. My old friend and colleague, Glynn Lavender was there also, providing the needed assistance for all those in attendance.  Together we run Creative Photo Workshops and we have much in the planning for future workshops.
Among our attendees was Mike Holliman from New Zealand. I know Mike from my digital photography tutorials website, The Five Minute Photographer. It is always great to have people attend from interstate, but this time we were graced by the company of a Kiwi! We had a fabulous time and Mike - who is inherently a landscape photographer - fell in love with the concept of photographing people, something formerly alien to his photographic thought processes. Now, we could attribute that to our model, Natasha Humble who is not only very attractive but is also a bright spirit who ensures a laugh a minute. Or, it could be that he just fell in love with the photography! 
This workshop is an interesting one because while it is entitled Creative People Photography it actually teaches several aspects and principles about photography that can cross over into other photographic arenas and endeavours. We cover depth of field, metering, posing, interaction, lens perspective and composition. These principles, while necessary to understand in all aspects of people photography, are a lesson that enable the photographer in so many other kinds of photography.
Apart from the financial rewards of workshops, I must admit that have too much fun running these things. I really do. And there are other rewards which it is difficult to put a price on. I love that moment of epiphany I see illuminate the minds and eyes of those who attend.I enjoy the fun and fraternity of our photographic family.I enjoy the brief opportunities I get through each day to take photographs, of course. And then, someone says something that kind of leaves you somewhat awed.
Mike pulled me aside during the day to praise me for my abilities, which is always nice. I appreciate that. But when he told me that the workshop that he had been on with renowned photographer, Moose Peterson, was not as educational or as enjoyable as this one, I was rather humbled. He said more, but modesty dictates that I just keep that in my heart. This was enough for me to feel encouraged enough as it was. 
Thanks Mike. While you say I made your day, you made mine...without a doubt.
There are plenty of workshops being planned for the future folks. So stay tuned. Somehow I get the feeling I was made for this. I love it too much...

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