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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Understanding Your DSLR Workshop

Yesterday once again saw me at Abbottsford Convent..again..running another workshop...again...
But don't for one minute think that I am tiring of this privilege! Absolutely not! If there is one thing I love doing, its running workshops. The Understanding Your DSLR workshop is a little different to the workshops Glynn Lavender and I normally run because it is a 'start from scratch' workshop that explains the rudimentary aspects of photography - apertures, shutter speeds, ISO, etc - that the digital age seems to believe can be omitted from the photographer's education.
But the comments at the end of the day by those in attendance were interesting...

"I used my camera in manual for the first time"
"Now I know how to control my camera and why my pictures don't turn out sometimes.."
"Shelton, you're a beautiful man and I want to have your children..."

Well, maybe not the last one...

But the comments about the growth they had experienced were truly encouraging. It is very rewarding to take a person from one place to another in terms of their passion and their craft. Knowing that they all left the workshop yesterday with the ability to take control of their photography was a wonderful feeling.
I was joined at this workshop by friend and fellow photographer, Richard Annable and his lovely girlfriend, Tamara who has herself recently acquired a Nikon D90. She is one of those 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em partners who has discovered the love of photography through association with their loved one. Yesterday, she learned how to talk the talk...and she can really walk the walk too!
But her D90 also came in handy when later than night Richard (an awesome drummer!) and I were asked to play with the band we were listening to at a function attended by a client of mine. We were invited along, and found ourselves on stage with the band!
Tamara's D90 was on the spot to record this not so epic moment...

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