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Monday, May 18, 2009

Once more into the Bowels..

One of my favourite clients sent me an email the other day. It read in part..."I  think it is quite a boring shot so I need some of your best imagination to make this look exciting. I will hunt around for some reference materials to assist for ideas..."

And once again I am sent to do what photographers are paid to do. "And what is that?" you ask. It is the job of photographers to make something extraordinary from the ordinary, or less than ordinary. Don't get into this profession unless you understand that.

But really, if you think about it, that is where the professional photographer comes into his own. It is where he finds the image and creates from nothing to make something that his client would never have been able to conceive. I suppose that is why we get hired and paid such exorbitant amounts of money. Speaking of which, I will have to head out in a minute to put a coat of wax on my gold Maserati.

In this particular case I had two working guys and a bunch of waterpipes in the bowels of a shopping centre. I did what I could in a short time with a 14mm lens, some framework composition with leading lines and some off camera flash. I was pleased. Apparently my client was more than pleased....and that is what really counts.

I don't complain (much) about the nature of my work. Personally I think almost anyone with a basic knowledge of studio lighting and a $10,000 a day model can create a cover for Cosmo or Marie Clair. I wouldn't mind seeing what the same photographer could do in ten minutes with some water pipes and two average blokes. I am proud to do what I am asked to do.

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