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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


A few posts ago, I was talking about my experience of being asked to photograph a front cover for Connections magazines in the bowels of a shopping centre. I had to photograph two men and some pipes. Remember that post? If not, just scroll down...
Well, here is the cover. There is one really cool thing about this whole experience though. I photographed it with an old Sigma 14mm f2.8 manual focus lens I bought at a flea market for $150. I knew that I would need to employ the dynamic perspective of this focal length in order to give the photograph some visual interest, along with some off camera flash to add some lighting effect in  an otherwise boring lighting situation. This old Sigma 14mm lens did the trick. And it was very sharp too.
I have used this lens since then on commercial shoots and it has been quite wonderful. I am very satisfied with its performance and don't feel the need to buy anything more expensive at this stage. Because my Nikon D700 can be programmed to meter with this lens, I am very happy to use it. Also, seeing as I was raised on manual focus and it is a 14mm lens, I have no issues with the fact that I actually have to turn the focus ring at the front myself....
I would have to say that I have rarely spent $150 on anything better than this...

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Tri-City Photography Club said...

Very nice to finally see the cover pict there Shelton, nicely done.
John R.

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