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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monochrome at a Workshop

Yesterday's Creative People Photography workshop found me doing something I have never done before with my digital SLR - shooting monochrome in camera. The logic to me, as it is to many people is that you shoot everything in colour and then alter the RAW file later to produce a monochrome image.
I still believe that is the best way to produce a high quality black and white image. Lets not get me wrong here. However, I have to admit that the Nikon D700's ability to produce a monochrome image directly from the camera was pleasantly surprising. I was able to tell the D700 what colour filtration I desired and therefore set the tonal range somewhat in camera - just like the 'old day's when we used to shoot using black and white film and coloured filters over our lenses.
It was an interesting return to that mindspace yesterday as once again I found myself thinking in black and white as I shot.
Naturally I had the camera set to produce a black and white jpeg image and a full colour RAW image simultaneously in case I wanted the colour image too. Such is the advantage of digital. But it was an interesting exercise and an interesting way to return to a former way of thinking.
The workshop itself went very well, and I take this opportunity to thank our model, Eshini Perera for her sweet personality which endeared her to all of us and made the afternoon prac session such a delight!
Keep an eye out for more workshops! There are plenty being planned. For my photography tutorials, click here...


Willie said...

What a good idea!
Where ever did ya come up with that one??


Shelton Muller said...

I didn't
You did!

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