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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Giving it the Flick

For a bit of fun and experimentation, I have owned a Flickr site for some time now. There are some photographers who disagree with some of the alleged problems that are apparently particular to having your images on Flickr, and that is up to them of course. But it has actually worked quite well for me. I have kept in touch with several photographers and have been able to promote my various services with it. Also, ot has been yet another URL I can place in an email to a couple who enquires of me regarding their upcoming wedding, for instance, and it is a great place to advertise by means of your images and posts your upcoming workshops and of course my digital photography tutorials website, The Five Minute Photographer.
But I received a Flickr mail the other day from a woman in Portugal who really loved one of my images and asked if it could be used for a magazine cover. The image is uploaded in low resolution, so I was asked to supply a high resolution image, which I did. The result is the cover (above) and a nice payment in Euros for the use of the image.
I don't blame photographers who are concerned with the unpaid and unlicensed use of their images that certainly takes place. However, so far for me it has only been beneficial.

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