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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It was a longer shoot than I was briefed for, but that's ok. It was alot of fun. Today found me in Silvan for Mantini, makers of fine Jewelery. Mantini specialiases in "Secrets" lockets which are quite lovely. That's the SNAG coming out in me. The photographer in me says they were great to photograph!

The shoot called upon my talents as both a studio portrait/glamour photographer and product photographer too. And I got to catch up with my sister, Christina, who is one of the best Make-up artists I have ever worked with. And I am not just saying that because she was my bodyguard when we went to school either! Or because she is my sister. She really does know make-up and her ability to adapt to each face and each situation is excellent. I often recommend her for wedding work also.

We accomplished much in one day..with the entire range of jewelery being completed and some glamour style portraits also achieved. Our models Suzi (above), Lauren and Anthea were great fun to work with too, and Christina did a simply wonderful job of the make-up.

Not much more to say really...just a great shoot that went longer than I thought it would...which is just fine.

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mary mantini said...

They look fabulous Shelton!!

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