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Thursday, July 30, 2009

High ISO, Low Noise on the Nikon D700

While it is an established fact and yesterday's news, I still appreciate the Nikon D700 for its low noise capabilities at High ISO's. I find myself constantly placed in situations where I just ramp up the ISO and shoot away, whereas once I would have to consider something like that very carefully - or use additional lighting.

The other night I was in at ANZ headquarters in Melbourne to photograph a very high level function. Its nice to be able to take fees from a bank every now and again! My job was to be as unobtrusive as possible and photograph the attendees as they naturally interacted in the room. I tried using and mixing flash for a few of the images but it just wasn't working - photographically or logistically. So I switched to 3200 ISO and just used the room lights. Suddenly the images became so much more realistic and pleasing. For the rest of the night that is what I did.

Click on the image for an idea of how well the D700 performed. I love it. it!

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