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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today's Understanding Your DSLR workshop

Today's workshop was the Understanding Your DSLR workshop, which is one of the more difficult to run. This is a workshop that enables photographers to move forward in giant leaps with their photography as it establishes the necessary understanding of the basics of exposure and composition. Without this understanding, photographers flounder in a sea of confusion, never knowing how the images they desire are actually created. So you have to be Johnny on the Spot for the group as a whole and for each and every attendee as an individual. It is a very tiring but very rewarding task.

Natasha Humble was once again our model for this workshop, bringing her usual flair for humour and good spirits along with her pretty face and captivating eyes. She is perfect for our workshops in that she provides more than just physical attractiveness. She is a lot of fun and extremely patient. Today, she was even more generous, giving of her time on her birthday.

My old buddy Richard Annable was also there, along with his girlfriend, Tamara. My son, Nathan was also co-instructor today, a role he filled so very well that even he commented on the satisfaction it brought him. I look forward to working with him on many workshops in the future. He is fast becoming a very competent shooter in his own right. It also looks like he is going to be a very understanding and patient teacher also.

My good friend, Glynn Lavender, should receive all the accolades for his job as the organiser. As I always say - he is the brains and I am the bling...but then I believe he is pretty bling too!
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