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Monday, July 06, 2009

Saturday Night...

Saturday was a day off. I had a workshop planned but lack of numbers meant that it could be postponed. Wow! A day off! Woohoo! Not that there was nothing to do, but rather that I didn't actually have to do anything. What I did was a matter of choice. Except for one thing...and that was perfectly ok by me.

My nephew Jesse and his girlfriend Nicky had made an appointment to come over for their first official portrait of the two of them together.
Nicky is an exquisitely beautiful girl with a sweet, soft and endearing face, beautiful lips, fabulous cheekbones and two of the most beautiful and engaging eyes I have ever seen. When she smiles her entire face brightens the room. Combine these wonderful physical attributes with her sweet personality and kind heart and you have someone very special. And she is. No wonder Jesse is so enraptured with her. And she lights up when he enters the room. I saw it in her eyes when I was photographing her.
Jesse is himself a fine young man and I am very proud to be his uncle. He is also rather handsome. Its in his family, on his uncle's side....

So, as you can imagine, photographing these two young people was going to be an absolute pleasure. My sister, Christina is a professional make up artist and her work on Nicky's face was exceptional. Her attention to detail makes the nuance of difference that only a real professional can see or make.

As for me, I kept the lighting simple. One main light, one hair light and a reflector. I prefer to work that way and find that it usually works best to keep everything simple. I already had two fabulous faces to photograph and so much of my job was already done!
Thank you Jesse and Nicky! I had fun!

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