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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Simple Lighting Rig from Your Auto Parts Retailer

My recent wedding photography workshops in Rockhampton gave me the opportunity to try out a new little lighting rig I have put together. Basically it consists of 4 SCA 24 LED magnetic lights - the kind that auto mechanics use. The four of them came to just under $40.

They are bright and the white balance is actually cool enough to mix fairly unobtrusively with daylight. Because they have magnets on the back, you can quickly plonk them onto a metal plate and you have a small and very portable lighting rig.

My friend Sharon Mahoney asked her husband to make me a metal plate with a handle on the back, which he very quickly did in his back shed.

And - Voila! Portable light.

Because I have four of these babies on a plate I can turn them off and on according to my lighting needs. The image above was taken in Rockhampton at dusk. The image below in a livingroom that same morning.

I am looking forward to using these babies often!Thanks to Di Collins for the photo (above)

1 comment:

Di Collins said...

Shelton you totally 'ROCKED IT' in the city of Rockhampton. I learnt alot, took some wonderful shots (thanks to you!) and laughed my head off. I can truely say that your seminar was ROCK'n and worth every little moment. :o)
Thank you.

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