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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A very proud father...

Anyone who knows me knows that my son and I share a very special relationship. It is unique to us, I believe. We are friends more than anything, and yet we understand the Father/Son relationship that must remain if we are to continue being who we are. I credit him with the maturity he has always had to know the difference and to respect its necessity.
When Nathan was nine years old I bought him his first SLR camera. It was a Nikon FE, the kind of camera I would have loved to have owned when I was twice that age. Even older. I picked it up at a camera swap meet for only $40. You should have seen him walking the street so proudly with his Nikon around his neck. He was just like his Dad.
Now, of course, he is 18. Nikon recently gave him a Nikon D90 in gratitude for the work he did in helping to launch the Nikon D5000 for Camera Action. With this action, I believe, Nathan will begin to forge his own style and his own reputation as a photographer.
He has just started his own blog. Click here to have a look at it. He has a wonderful eye, and a great vision for his future as an artist. I have always been very proud of the person my son has become and that can only swell to even great er volume. I know now, however, that I will also be proud of his vision and his art.


Pk said...
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Michael Good said...

My little man is only 1 1/2 but we wrestle and play all day long. Being a photographer makes me so blessed to spend so much time with him. I can't wait for the outdoor adventures we will no doubt pursue over the years.
I agree with you that it's amazing to have your son as your best friend... already Kalani is my best friend.

S.E.M. said...

Nathan has assisted me at the shop. It was rather a pleasant experience due to his courtesy, patience & knowledge.
Further, it's nice to have family atmosphere here. Thanks.
Susan M.

Tanya Lynch said...

Your son sounds totally delightful Shelton. I can tell you are very proud of him and he really admires you too. A truly blessed relationship.

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