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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Creative Flash Photography Workshop

Today was another workshop, and possibly the most difficult to actually run. The Creative Flash Photography workshop has its share of difficulties both educationally and logistically. First of all, there are many who come who don't know their equipment very well and you spend a fair bit of time helping them sort out the features and functions of their own cameras and flash. Then you have the logistical problems of managing a dozen people with off camera flash. When the excitement builds as the photographers learn how to use their flashguns off camera, it can become a bit difficult slowing them down to teach them things! Of course, its always gratifying to know that you have changed their vision, helped them take some steps forward in their creative achievements and perhaps removed the clouds and mystery that hung over their flash guns and cameras.

In the end the day always ends up with the attendees having learned the vital principles of flash and exposure, lighting directions and balances. I make sure everyone has a laugh and enjoys the day too. There is no point taking these things too seriously after all.

I don't get much opportunity to shoot at these workshops, but I try to get a good one or two in for the day. This image was taken with the camera rested on the ground and the exposure in manual mode. I couldn't get in the way of the others so I just guessed the composition and fired.

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Anonymous said...


Great workshop as always. Really enjoyed it and I learnt alot. Now it's time to practice! John

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