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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jimmy Choo, ANZ, My Two Sisters,...and me.

Above (left to right): Christina, Meryn Pratt (ANZ) Me and Natasha
Last night was another function for the ANZ bank. I have to admit, its a wonderful thing to have them as a client. I have photographed their functions, their corporate headshots and even their calendars. I never thought I would love a bank. But ever since my good friend from Kodak, Meryn Pratt, started running their events, I have really come to love the bank who keeps and plays with my money. Meryn is a fabulous woman who has kept me very busy over the years. She has become a good friend and I love her dearly. Working with her has always had its share of fun and adventure. She has been very loyal to me as a friend and photographer, and I have tried always to be the same. In business, relationships are very important. In life, even more so.

The Women in Philanthropy function last night was a catwalk fashion event, sponsored by Jimmy Choo. So it was all about the shoes and handbags. For me, it was about getting the chance to work with two of the most professional make up artists I have ever worked with - my two beautiful sisters, Christina and Natasha. What a joy to work with my two sisters, enjoying their company and seeing them do what they do. It was really wonderful to catch up with Natasha, who is expecting her first child. I haven't had a chance to hug her since I found out!

Now, you may think that I am biased when it comes to these two fabulous women, but I can honestly say that I would recommend their makeup services at even the highest levels. They are very concerned with the finest details of their craft and go above and beyond in terms of what they offer. Even thought they considered the task they were given last night as fairly straightforward, they were perfect in the application. If I was not convinced of their abilities and talents, I just wouldn't tell them about the shoots I have coming up! Mind you, they would probably find out and beat me up...

As it was, they not only impressed my client but also ANZ's, which was Jimmy Choo. So, hopefully there will be more work coming up for Jimmy Choo catwalk and fashion events. The models for last night's event were from Chadwick, one of Melbourne's top agencies, and they were great to work with. They didn't mind wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and donning the handbags either! Now, I am not a 'shoes kinda guy' but even I have to admit that some of these shoes were fabulous! Daaahling!

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