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Monday, September 28, 2009

The coldest and wettest wedding EVER!

Apparently, this past Saturday was the coldest and wettest Grand Final day on record - or something like that. It was damn cold, no matter which way you look at it! In Melbourne, the day of the Grand Final is like a day of worship. It is the day when the two premier Australian Football League teams fight it out for the Trophy - the Grand Final Premiership. As someone who cares little for Aussie Rules Football, it meant little to me. I was too busy photographing Adriano and Melissa's wedding anyway! And what a day it was. Despite the weather, together with the couple and my wonderful assistant, I managed to create images that I am proud of.

I was very happy to be joined by Nathan, my wonderful son and best friend. He is embarking on his journey as a photographer and his work as an assistant and second shooter on the day truly went above and beyond. Thank you, Son. I was also joined by my sister, Christina, whose work as a make-up artist is better than any other I have ever worked with. She is fastidious, creative and so passionate. She was on hand all day for the bridal party and acted also as photography assistant, dress 'foofer' bouquet holder, bride warmer, hair fixer and overall help. But her make-up (the real reason she was there!) was perfect and her all day wedding service is unique to her. The groomsmen weren't going to take advantage of her services though. Perhaps they figured that they were pretty enough as they were...
Melissa was very keen to have memorable photographs. Despite the weather, she braved the cold winds and diagonal drizzle to achieve photographs that even she knew were a once-in-a-lifetime possibility. Naturally I had to be very careful that she didn't overdo it, and my leather jacket came in handy over her shoulders many times. Me? I was in the zone. I didn't feel a thing.
Before the ceremony, Melissa asked for a shoot at the Warragul Railway station, which I was more than happy to do. She and Adriano had also secured Old Gippstown as the location for their post ceremony photographs. Thankfully they did as it offered us the chance to get in from the rain and still create images together. The weather was terrible, but there were chances to move outdoors from time to time. For those moments I used my share of off camera flash and my newly acquired Pocket Wizards came in handy when I needed Nathan to hide behind the bride. He's slim, so he fit easily behind Melissa's beautiful handcrafted wedding gown. He was such a hard worker on the day, and I would recommend him as an assistant and second shooter to anyone who wants one. He is also fast becoming a prime wedding shooter in his own right. He created images on the day that are nothing short of beautiful. Yeah, I am proud. Can you tell?

Thank you Adriano and Melissa. It was such an honour to work with you both on your day of days. I did try and make the sunshine happen for you, but alas it was only an off camera flash. At least it worked! But I was honoured to be asked to photograph your wedding, and I was honoured by your desire to brave the weather and work along with me in the cold. I wish you both every happiness.

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