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Thursday, September 24, 2009

To be so highly honoured...

While leading our recent Creative Photo Workhops Echuca Weekend, I was asked to pose for a photograph. The artist behind the camera was David Oakley, a remarkable man whose journey back from near death to where he is now is nothing short of miraculous. Some years ago he was the victim of an horrific crime. Now, he is an artist of incredible vision.
So, I posed as per his request - something I am not really fond of doing. Silly faces into a camera is one thing, but posed portraits? That's something I ask others to do! But because he was a paying customer (and a helluva nice guy too!) I was happy to help. After all, it gave me another chance to help him work through an image.
A couple of weeks later and I see this, the image here in this post. I must admit to feeling somewhat honoured beyond my station. I am indeed so grateful for this work of art, one that uses my flawed form as its basis. Thank you David. Thank you so very much.
David informs me that this portrait will be on display at his upcoming exhibition in Sandringham on the 9th of October. I will be there, if only to get a picture of me next to this portrait.
Thank you David. I am deeply honoured.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! How beautiful and such an honour for you Shelton. Words can not express what a gift it must be. Exceptional work David.

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