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Monday, October 12, 2009

Creative Wedding Photography workshop

Saturday found me doing what I really think I love doing best...running another workshop with my good friend, Glynn Lavender (left) and a few other crazy characters who seem to be regulars at these events. Together, Glynn and I now run Creative Photo Workshops. There is a hunger for understanding about photography in this digital world and Glynn and I are really enjoying our part in meeting that need.
Glynn and I have known each other since we were teenagers. We met while both working together on the sales floor of Fletchers Fotographics in the very early '80's. Since then he has gone on to become a renowned and highly respected photographic consultant both here and in the United States while I am still learning how to become a renowned photographic consultant both here and in the United States...

Yesterday's workshop had the added fun of Natasha Humble's contribution as the 'bride', which never fails to add a certain level of craziness. Since modeling for our workshops she has also found a love for photography and an excellent understanding of its principles and has started her own business, Black Tulip Photography. She is fast becoming an excellent photographer in her own right. So, apart from modeling for our workshops, she also now acts as a co-instructor, teaching each photographer a few tips on lighting and posing as she stands ready for each of them.
Also, there were several members of my tutorial website, The Five Minute Photographer, attending also. Bruce Williams, of Shutters Inc fame, also flew down from Sydney to join in the fun. Now, add to this mix the fact that Glynn donned a suit and modeled as the 'groom' and you have a day of learning mixed with a level of insanity that can only be found at a Creative Photo Workshops day. For me, this is the ideal mix. Photography is fun and learning it should be as fun as the process itself.
Essentially, we keep it simple. Our wedding photography workshops are about learning the principles of understanding, finding and using the light, posing the average couple and capturing a wedding in sometimes less than average locations and situations. For even experienced wedding photographers these are the greatest hurdles. For the newcomer to wedding photographer they are much more than just hurdles. They are insurmountable walls. Our Creative Wedding Photography workshop deals with the principles of manipulating light in ordinary rooms settings, creating images from any kind of light using creative metering techniques and poses. These lessons can be applied at every wedding, be it a dream for the photographer, or a nightmare.
Our final wrap up sessions are always interesting. Each person speaks briefly about what they have learned from the day's activities and how it has impacted them. I always find that part of the day very rewarding, knowing that you have made a difference to someone's future, their vision or their enjoyment of the process. It is always interesting to note certain themes of learning that are consistent to all in attendance while also understanding that each person will take home something different and uniquely useful and beneficial for them.
I have another wedding workshop to run this coming Saturday at the Abbottsford Convent. I look forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Whether you're just getting serious in photography and are looking for a crash course, or have been at it awhile and want to learn some of the more technical aspects, this is the source for you. I am looking forward for the posts.

Bennett said...


Photography workshops teaches how to use different cameras. You would learn the differences between a regular point-and-click camera from an SLR and the different lenses you can use to capture different images.

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