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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun and Photography - the Perfect Mix

Saturday found me once again running another photography workshop. This time, Creative Photo Workshops was working in league with Croydon Camera House, which was a distinct pleasure. Being able to hang around with the legendary RazzleDog (aka Dean Jones) once again is great. Also,being joined by my friends Glynn Lavender, Richard Annable, Tamara Bodor and Natasha Humble is a recipe for another crazy day.

As I have said in previous blog posts, Glynn and I ensure that we bring as much fun to the photography as we possibly can. There is far too much fear and seriousness attached to photography in the minds of many, and if you add humour to your teaching you are bound to succeed. One of our first exercises during our afternoon 'prac' session is to replicate the family kisses and hugs section of the wedding day that always transpires after the ceremony. So, some of us become uncles and aunts, while a few take their turn at being photographers trying to capture the 'moments'. Its a lot of fun, but it is also challenging. There are giggles galore, but the lesson learned is important. Be Johnny or Janey 'On the Spot' and get the important pictures - the ones that really matter.

The afternoon then continues with basics on posing, maximising your time and your photographic opportunities with each pose and location, and finally a lesson in Creative Metering. I am always surprised at the impact this last part has on those who attend. Learning to meter, creating images in camera that are a result of metering for shadows or highlights is very important and very eye-opening to most who attend. This was certainly the case on Saturday, with many saying during our final wrap up that this was the thing they would be taking home with them the most. And I can see why. Learning to use, manipulate and meter for light can often be the difference between average photographs in average situations and wonderful images from less than wonderful circumstances. That is just good photography, folks. And, essentially, it is what professional wedding photography is all about.

For more information on Creative Metering, check out the video tutorial recently added to my digital photography tutorials website, The Five Minute Photographer. 


Willie said...

Yeah, kinda funny how some folk don't get the message on how important correct metering is!
MAkes a difference when the penny drops.

ManWithCamera said...

I wish I could come out to one of your workshops to see you demonstrate your metering techniques in person. Thanks for posting the new video on!

Shelton Muller said...

Hey Nathan. Thank you for your kind comments. And there are more videos due on the website soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

collectiveimagesphotography said...

Had a ball at your workshop Shelton - you are such an inspirational photographer & make it look so damn easy !!! 'FUN' is the word - MUST get me an 85mm lens - your whole blog has SO many brilliant images - cheers deborah :)

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