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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Brisbane Workshops

Well, today is the first day I can actually say that I am beginning to think again. As I said in my last post, I have hit the ground running since my return from India and I must admit - I am tired. Very tired.
The past four days have been exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. That is true of many things, but for me it is always true of a workshop. That is just one day. Try four. And the Brisbane humidity took some getting used to.
Yes, Glynn and I have returned from four wonderful days in Brisbane running our workshops. It was a wonderful experience, sometimes fraught with a little disaster or sudden change of plan, but all in all it was a success - at least from the comments we are getting from those who attended and seeing in their status updates on Facebook.
Friday opened with our Creative People Photography workshop. Our beautiful young model, Sashaan, who is all of 15, was wonderful to work with and I doubt a bad photograph of her was taken by anyone. She is a delightful young lady with whom I would work again anytime.

She returned on Saturday and was accompanied by Josh and Clint, two male models who caused quite a stir among the many women for our Creative Flash Photography workshop.I wonder if the girls were learning anything, or just using the workshop as an excuse to ask Josh to remove his shirt all the time. Either way, I think they believe it was money well spent.

Sunday and Monday saw us running our Creative Wedding Photography workshop - the two day version. It is an extensive workshop which designed to assist those who wish to improve their wedding photography or simply begin doing them. We discuss the everyday wedding and use everyday locations and situations to keep the lessons real. Even one of our models (the lovely Anna) was a young lady who worked in a local chemist. Rob, our groom, was also a regular guy. The only experienced model for that workshop was our other bride, Kylie Levander. I believe that this is a far better way of assisting wedding photographers. Supplying experienced models and shooting in exotic locations or beautiful mansions is not much help at all when shooting a real wedding.
I know that one of the highlights was our Monday morning session in St Augustine's Church, where the group was addressed by Marion, the cleric who performs all the weddings there. She was very nice, but informed all the photographers of her issues with photographers who show little respect for the occasion and the ceremony itself. She then took us through an entire ceremony process, and there were many in the group who found that extremely helpful.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who attended our four days of madness. I hope you had fun, and I  hope all of you have some great new tools to work with that will enhance your photography!

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