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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Daniel and Meaghan

Ok. I am completely nuts. Its confirmed.

Just to fill you in on the reasons for this particular epiphany, allow me to explain.

Nathan and I arrived home from Nepal and India on a Friday night. We had been up for about 36 hours. In that time we had spent time in Kathmandu, a day in Delhi, a few hours in Singapore and the flight home. Our plane pulled in at about 8pm Melbourne time. We went home, slept and got up on the Saturday morning - to shoot a wedding. Now, that is madness. Just to add to this craziness, I had another wedding booked for the Sunday. But I knew it would be ok, and it was.

But photographing Daniel and Meaghan's wedding was an absolute pleasure. Apart from a brief shoot in the CBD (where Daniel spent a fair bit of time at a tailor having his pants repaired after tearing on the door handle of the bridal car) their reception and formals were held at Rupertswood Mansion in Sunbury, a place in which I have long wanted to photograph a wedding. Daniel and Meaghan gave me that chance and I loved it. What is funny is that perhaps the place that grabbed my creative juices the most was the cellar - four walls and a light bulb. The ornate furnishings, the architecture, the grandeur of Rupertswood itself could not match the cellar. I don't know why, but perhaps I enjoyed the challenge - and the result - the few minutes we spent creating photographs in that room. In the workshops that I run and the video tutorials that I have online, I am well known for the saying "Find the Light and Put 'em in it". Perhaps that is why a single lightbulb in a plain cellar can mean so much to me.

After the photography was done, we were kindly asked to stay for the reception. Now, this is something I don't normally do. By the time I am finished photographing, I have three basic needs - a couch, a remote control and a  glass of red wine. However, the offer was too good to be turned down. Not only that but they had hired a band I used to sing with, and sometimes still do. So I got my chance at the microphone too! I never turn down a chance to sing with the band....

Thank you Daniel and Meaghan for a wonderful day spent with you and your families. I appreciate the trust, always.


Daniel Palm said...

Shelton, the privilege was all ours! it was a joy and an honour to share our special day with You, Nathan and Tash...

Kaylene said...

Thank you so much Shelton, the photo's look beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest of them. Your talent is obvious and very much appreciated. Meaghan and Daniel really enjoyed the day with you, Nathan and Tash.
Thanks again, Kaylene

Shelton Muller said...

Thanks to you both. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say how enjoyable your day was!

razzledog said...

No wedding is complete without a song from Shelton...just as no wedding is complete without a 'complete photographer'.
(There's no one else I know who can combine these talents like Shelton either).

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