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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our new website

Glynn and I are very excited to be working along with David Oakley of Rivid Studios in the design of our new website for Creative Photo Workshops.  Until now our main presence has been through Facebook, which has worked very well. Also, our interim website has sufficed.

However, with the growth of our business taking on international proportions, we have have seen the need to develop a website that not only explains the unique nature of our workshops, but also allows our workshop groupies (aka customers) to book their favourite ones and pay for them online.
David's ideas for the website flowed inexhaustibly through our discussion and we look forward to seeing the end product. For the moment, watch the video he has put together. It will give you a fairly good idea of the glorious madness that signifies our workshops, but also the kinds of images that can result.

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