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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cal and Mel's Wedding

So there I was, lying on my bunk in a tent in Pushkar, India, when my phone lets me know that a text message has arrived. Its from Cal and Mel. Who are Cal and Mel? I had no idea. But apparently they are getting married soon and would like me to photograph their wedding! "I am in India" I respond, "so I will get back to you the moment I return, ok?"  They were fine with that. Phew! By the time I met with them,  the wedding was a week and half away. "You are free on that day, aren't you?" they asked. Yes. Believe it or not...I was. I had photographed Cal's sister's wedding 5 years ago. The moment I arrived at his home to meet with him and Mel I knew the connection. Its a wonderful thing to know that you are remembered with such fondness after all that time.

Well, Saturday arrives and its the old team - Richard and me. Richard is a great wedding photographer in his own right, so to have him there to second shoot and supply his usual brand of humour and support makes the day doubly worthwhile. We get into a rhythm of shooting and joking that on this occasion had the chauffeur in fits of laughter, let alone the bride and groom. Richard and I share the same feelings on being a wedding photographer. If we can't bring more than our cameras to a wedding then we shouldn't be in this business. Now that Richard is very busy running his own photography business, I don't get the chance to work with him as much as we used to.
Cal and Mel's wedding was a giggle from start to finish. They were certainly in the zone for a laugh, and so the day was set to go. We photographed at The Briars in Mt Martha, and later at the winery where their intimate reception was held.

Thanks for a great day, Cal and Mel. It was an honour to photograph your wedding. Thanks for your support too, Richard. We got the band back together!

1 comment:

Richard said...

It was too much fun and great to be working together again.

let's do it again sometime hey?

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