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Monday, January 11, 2010

Creative Flash Photography Workshop

Saturday was another workshop day for me. It was 38 degrees here in sunny Melbourne, so it was a hot one.Nevertheless, we had a great day running our Creative Flash Photography workshop. Glynn and I had a great turn out with some familiar faces from our friendly photography fraternity and some new ones to add to it! Our model was the lovely Lauren Busacca and the ever present model-now-tutor, Natasha Humble. 
Our workshop begins with a two hour tutorial, and then the afternoon shoot initiates exercises that familiarise the student with simple on-camera flash techniques such as fill and bounce. While simple and common techniques, we have hardly had a student yet that has not benefitted from the particular ways we teach these simple methods using combinations which include the correct balances of flash with ambient light. In so doing, flash becomes less prominent in the image while still playing a pivotal role in the balance and interplay of light.
The final part of the day involves establishing simple off camera flash setups in which we explain and use Guide Number calculations and the mixture of flash and ambient. The images reveal something very ethereal, something that the eye does not see at that time and in that moment but is nonetheless possible in camera. These moments are the climactic end of our afternoon shoot, leaving everyone with the hunger to get home and try it out for themselves.
For more information about our workshops, simply click here.
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