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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An Interview with Joe...

Last night I had the honour to interview Joe McNally, renowned photographer for National Geographic and author of the two books here pictured - The Hotshoe Diaries and The Moment it Clicks. We did this interview for the Shutters Inc podcast at odd hours for the both of us. For myself and the host of Shutters Inc, Bruce Williams, it was midnight. For poor Joe, it was around 5 am in Florida. But he was such a lovely guy, and certainly there were no tickets on him. Anyone who refers to themselves as 'NumbNuts' in their own book is not the kind of person you would feel in any way unapproachable.

We discussed Joe's approach to photography in general, and to each image as he is assigned them. He was very open and freely discussed his techniques, preferences and philosophies about photography. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the half hour he was able to fit us into his very busy schedule.
Thanks Joe! I hope that visit you mentioned to Australia comes to fruition!
You can download Shutters Inc directly from iTunes or click here if you are less patient. Joe's interview will be available this coming Sunday...

1 comment:

S.E.M. said...

ooh, can't wait!

Just wondering do I find the date on your posts?

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