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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our exciting new website!

Yes, I am excited. Very excited. After a year of working with my friend and marketing whizkid, Glynn Lavender and utilising a make-do website, we finally have a website for Creative Photo Workshops that I have to admit is rather wonderful. Designed and built by our very good friend and website master, David Oakley, it is a fully interactive site that allows people to see all the workshops we are planning and even book them online. This makes our planning and building of workshops so much easier.
This coming year has its share of workshops and tours planned already. We have workshops planned in Australia and New Zealand, the Cook Islands and even the United States. There is much more to come. The hunger to learn about photography and to acquire the skills to create dynamic images is growing. With the digital age came a presumption that all the photographer needs to do is point and shoot and wonderful images filled with colour and life will present themselves on a silver platter.
But, with the advent of digital, the silver is gone, and the silver lining never came in its stead. Digital photography did not bring with it any magical fairy dust that makes great photographers out of everyone with a half decent camera. It only brought with it a more immediate medium of capture that enables photographers to create images with a faster learning curve...provided they know what to learn and how. This is where we come in.
Our workshops are fun and entertaining. They are hands on, bring-your-camera events that prove to you that you can do it. With a little understanding, you can take your photography to new heights. And we prove to you that its not difficult. You just need to understand some principles.
So, come along sometime to one of our workshops and have laugh, learn some cool stuff and take some great photographs. At least now you know what website to go to!
For online tutorials, there is still The Five Minute Photographer...

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