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Monday, March 08, 2010

Creative Flash Photography Workshop

Running a workshop is a very rewarding task. Its not an easy one, what with a dozen or so people to assist on both a group and personal level. Of course, I work with a great team and so I am not alone. But its still a challenge. And....I love it.
Saturday saw us at Abbottsford Convent once again running our Creative Flash Photography workshop. Glynn and I particularly enjoy this workshop because it is a very creative one, and it is also very rewarding in terms of what it achieves for our customers. In our morning introductions, most of our attendees express either fear, disdain or frustration when it comes to flash. By the end of the day, they are excited about the creative potential and without exception they all leave with a new found respect for this little piece of pocket sunlight. 
Our model for Saturday was Sophie Van Den Akker. Sophie was our "Emerging Nymph" workshop model and she proved herself a real trooper for that shoot. But more than that, she has one of the most geometrically perfect faces I have ever seen. She is exquisitely lovely to photograph and I believe that there is much ahead for her in terms of her modelling career if she so chooses. Watch this space. That's all I can say...
Our Creative Flash Photography workshop begins with simple on camera flash lessons that prove that you can still take beautiful portraits of people with your flash actually on the camera, as this portrait of Sophie proves. After a few on camera flash lessons are completed, our off camera flash lessons begin. 
Saturday started out perfect in terms of weather for a flash photography workshop. Its was a pleasant temperature with a lining of cloud. But in the early afternoon, that all changed suddenly when  the clouds darkened the sky to near nightfall and then began to pour down hail upon us, the size of which was not pleasant at all! So, we quickly dashed inside and had to come up with an entirely new set up for teaching off camera flash.  As a result, some very interesting challenges were accepted and some wonderful photographs were achieved. All in all, the day was a roaring success. Melbourne - you can try, but your weather cannot overwhelm the passion of the hungry photographer in a quest to learn! 

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