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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Behind the Scenes at our Creative Flash Photography Workshop...

March Creative Flash Workshop from Creative Photo Workshops on Vimeo.
Saturday the 6th of March - a date that will live in infamy! Why? Well, because it was the day we decided to run a Creative Flash Photography workshop and the weather gods decided to hail us for it....or, should we say, hail upon us for it. However, being the easy going guys and gals that we are, we were not flummoxed in the slightest. We simply took our off camera flash gear, our lovely model, Sophie, the attendees and ourselves inside and continued there.
Abbottsford Convent is not exactly the most waterproof building in the world, but it sure was better than being outside. It hailed! But even prior to that, the skies darkened to a near nightfall exposure and so we were at the mercy of the clouds anyway. Nevertheless, the workshop was a roaring success and all in the class enjoyed and learned.
Our model, Sophie Van Den Akker, of Emerging Nymph fame, was wonderful to work with and her near perfect features were a joy to photograph. Glynn, Natasha and I assisted the dozen or so of our friends in achieving images from their flashguns that they did not think possible at first. By the end of the day, flash was everyone's new best friend. Even our interstate guests - ladies who had flown from Coffs Harbour and Adelaide, were absolutely delighted. Mission accomplished. Now, on to planning some more of these workshops during the cloudy days of our approaching winter....

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Mark said...

Great video! Just shows that photography AND learning can be fun. Typical Vic weather...should try PERTH. We, like Rexona, wont let you down. Gorgeous model, though.

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