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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trash the Dress Workshop

The end or our Creative Photo Workshops Summer Series has arrived. Our theme for the evening was a Trash the Dress session and so we knew it would present some challenges. Thus, last night saw a faithful group braving the wind and water for the fun and fine art of photography.  Even braver still were our models, Natasha Humble and Taisen Blackwolf. Natasha is also a photographer and one of our regular tutors and as such she is well known for being a little crazy, so we knew she would don the wedding dress and go into the water. Not having had the pleasure of working with Taisen myself, I wasn't sure what his level of craziness was. However, he proved to be equally insane and it worked to the advantage of our wonderful and faithful customers.
A Trash the Dress session has to be planned out in order to maximise the images, especially when there is a group of photographers who all have different ideas and hopes for the images. So, we started slowly, all the time restraining Natasha whose sole aim was to get into the water! We told you she was crazy, didn't we?
Our sunset was magnificent and gave us an opportunity to mix it with some off camera flash. This ensured that we could expose for the sunset without having our models silhouetted against it. A dozen Pocket Wizards come in handy too!
The photographic part of the evening ended with a combination of time exposures using flash, El Wires, sparklers and roving flashlights. We had Natasha standing in ankle deep water holding sparklers and winding her arms in a very Pete Townsend kind of guitar circle. We even asked her to run through the scene while firing the flash at her several times in a ten second exposure. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Now, that's the kind of model we like!
So, now its time to begin planning our Winter Series. Glynn and I have some great ideas, so watch this space....

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