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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Our first Emerging Nymph photo shoot was such a success that those who could not or did not attend were actually saddened by the images they saw everyone else taking! Having missed the experience, they were disappointed they had not been able to attend. Now, we couldn't let our friends and customers down could we?. No! Not the team at Creative Photo Workshops! So, we decided we would simply run it again. And last night was that night. Once again we were given the gift of a beautiful sunset, perfect weather, warm water, good models and good friends.
We were joined by about a dozen of our friends (that's we call customers) along with two models, Brianna Sullivan and Elise Harb. Also, our old friend Richard Connon reprised his role as the lost executive in a post Global Warming world as he donned a suit and stood in the ocean. We were also joined by our Fire Spinning friend, Chris Carlos, who kindly brought some rather acrobatic fire lovers with him. All in all, it was an evening of surprises, providing all who attended with some new and different images.
The interesting thing for Glynn and I was that so many from the first Emerging Nymph evening returned for the second one, reminding me that photography is about two things. It is about creating images - and it is about the experience of creating them. It is understanding this combination that makes our business unique and propels it rapidly forward. 
Previously I had invited the boys from Buy-n-Shoot to come along. Michael and Deon run this very successful photo industry website and were keen to come on down and witness the madness that ensues. They came armed with cameras and notepads and I have to be honest, it was great to have them along. Now I just hope that they write a positive review! 
Last night's event was the end of our Summer Series. As autumn approaches, the sun is setting earlier and the weather becomes even more unpredictable. So, in our wisdom, we at Creative Photo Workshops have planned out our Winter Series of events and will be posting it soon at our workshops website.  We have some rather funny and interesting events planned that will combine the magic mix of fun, photography and learning. For photophiles like us, there is no better mix than that.

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