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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Advanced, but Simple....

I might be doing myself in with the title of this blog entry. After all, how am I supposed to convince anyone to come to future Advanced Flash Photography workshops if I admit to them being simple? Or, perhaps, is that the attraction? I mean, life is hard enough as it is, isn't it?
Anything is simple when you know how, so they say. Usually, once the principles are established, most people are able to build, adapt, alter and interconnect all their tools from that point forward. So, in essence, our Advanced Flash Photography workshop is exactly that.
Yesterday's workshop was a flow on from CPW's  Creative Flash Photography workshop. It takes the photographer from a basic understanding of flash exposure, on and off camera flash techniques and a new love of flash to the use of two, three and more flashguns, Honl flash modifiers, strobist style studio portraiture and other funky stuff. And, once the principles are established, it is only up to the photographer's imagination to take it from there.
Creative Photo Workshops is not the place where you are told you need the most expensive equipment or that you can only stand and watch while we take photographs and indulge ourselves at your expense. Far from it. In fact, the tutors at each workshop don't get to take many photographs at all. We need to get a handful for our promotions and blogs, Facebook and personal satisfaction, but we prefer our customers do the bulk of the shooting. We are only there to establish and explain the images they will take. 
We are, as I said, also dead against the idea of expensive equipment if it is not necessary. Our flash workshops promote the use of generic flashguns such as the FotoBestway strobist kit. We also prefer to use FlashWave III triggers, which are much cheaper than PocketWizards and have never let a customer down at a workshop. By teaching principles of photography we educate our customers in a way that does not rely upon technology but rather their own intelligence to solve problems and use generic equipment. Yesterday's workshop relied upon this approach, compelling one of our customers to express his gratitude for saving him a lot of money that he was about to spend on more technologically advanced (but unnecessary) equipment. Now that he knows the principles, he can save a serious amount of money. That makes coming to our photography workshops a serious money saving exercise, doesn't it?
Sorry for the shameless plug folks...

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