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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Building a new website...

At the moment I am putting the finishing touches to my new website. It has been built using the templates and hosting services of PhotoMerchant, an Australian company specifically oriented for constructing websites for photographers in Australia. The above is the video I intent to have running on the front page. I will keep you posted as it progresses. I am creating a few customised aspects to the site. If I wasn't adding these personal touches, PhotoMerchant makes it so easy that it would be done already! 
One of the great things about the PhotoMerchant setup is that they are aligned with Australia's premiere professional print lab, Nulab. This means that you can set up your site to sell prints directly. The order is placed on the site and sent directly to Nulab. They print it, pack it and send it straight to your customer. All you do is collect the money. So while you are out having coffee or watching a movie, you can be selling portraits or wedding prints and making more profit. 
I am very happy with the site so far...and I am not finished. Adding images is a simple case of drag and drop, and making changes to the look of the site is very easy. So, the question must be asked...will I ever be finished?
Probably not. But at least the ride will be an easy one!

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