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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Pennsylvania, USA. IPhone and Pixlromatic
No, this strange title is not a new app from the wonderful library of apps available from iTunes. Rather, it is my way of saying that photographers have so many wonderful tools these days to keep their vision alive. Carrying a camera with you these days is no different to carrying your phone, and with it, so many wonderful applications for shooting, post processing and uploading. I don't intend to make this particular blog post about that as I am sure that you already are very aware of what can be done and probably know more apps than I do. Instagram, Hipstamatic,Pixlromatic, True, I will stop there. I will be typing all day if I continue.
Hobart, Tasmania. iPhone and Hipstamatic

But what it does mean is that there is never a reason for not being able to create and reinfuse your creativity. Now, more than ever, you are empowered to create at any opportunity. The photograph above was taken while driving to Newark Airport through Pennsylvania.  It was a quick roadside stop to capture a rusting, old Chevy abandoned to time and space. The photograph left was taken while walking through Hobart, Tasmania. The photograph below - a walk through a small town in Pennsylvania. Each image was taken using my iPhone 4 and then processed in camera.

Once upon a time, taking a photograph with a phone went against every natural inclination in my soul. The quality was terrible and yet so many memorable moments were being captured using phones. This is not my feeling now. While I still believe in quality and the need to capture special moments and events, I have come to see that the changes made in cameraphone technology are such that these concerns no longer apply. I also still believe in the DSLR, and always will. Its just that - to be honest - I don't always have one with me.

Wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis has even shot wedding images with his iPhone and won awards for the them. While there are those who would say that he could capture great wedding photographs with a coffee mug and two pieces of sticky tape, it nonetheless indicates the possibilities of the technology and the quality possible in our phones. More than that, however, is the fact that we are always enabled to create in the moment while being assured that our images are high quality. There is no reason then for our photography to enter into a period of creative block simply because we have been 'stuck for time', as it were. These days we can take wonderful images just walking around, catching the train to work or simply sitting in your kitchen. That being the case, our eyes continue to 'see', and we can continue to capture.
Pennsylvania, USA. iPhone

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