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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What are your Instinctive Desires?

Lee Andrikopoulos of Instinctive Desires. Nikon D700, Nikkor 85mm. Photek Softlighter.
Lee, being unusually demure...
The title of this blog post not intended to be controversial, or some kind of double entendre. It is a simple question that each of us needs to examine in life. What do we really want? The easy answer to all of that is....success. 

'Success' is an interesting concept. It is a personal concept that many equate to financial wealth. That is a part of everyone's idea to some degree I imagine, as life in this world without money is impossible. Life without enough money is difficult. But the endless pursuit of it is equally inane and difficult. 

For photographers, success has to do with both creativity and financial return. For most I would also imagine that it would include other, very personal rewards that vary from person to person. But if photography is your profession of choice, your desired career, you will need to know more than just the technicalities and creativities of each image. For you to make money, you will need to know how to firstly value and ultimately sell your work. 

This is where Lee and Lorna Andrikopoulos of Instinctive Desires come in. There are some great photography workshop companies around, but who is going to teach you how to sell those wonderful images that you have learned to take? Who is going to help you to value your work and present that value with confidence to customers who have become used to the commodity that photography has become? Lee and Lorna at Instinctive Desires, that's who. That is what they specialise in and one look at their website will convince you of that. Their courses and consultations have dramatically improved the financial returns and successful workflows of the photographers whom they have assisted. 

We spent a fun filled afternoon with Lee and Lorna at their home on Sunday. It was an afternoon 14 months in the making and their hospitality knew no bounds. We ate goat and corned beef, potatoes, pumpkin and cauliflower, drank wine and giggled incessantly. Tash had promised to update Lorna's portrait so we brought out the Bowens flash heads and the fold out backdrop in their living room. When Tash was finished with Lorna, we decided it was Lee's turn. He is rather crazy...but that's fine with us. So are we, really. 

If you have read this post and you live in Australia, you would be wise to contact Lee and Lorna. If you live in another country and read this post, you would be wise to contact Lee and Lorna at Instinctive Desires. I am sure that they can hop on a plane and come to you, especially if you live in some beautiful and exotic location and there is access to red wine. Either way, your business will never be the same, and your skills in the viewing room will result in high sales and higher profits. 

Oh, and the pretty face on their website and Facebook banner....that's my wife.
Yeah... I just had to put that in.
Yeah...its the Mona Leesa....

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Arek said...

A year ago I spent an amazing day with Lee and Lorna, they opened my eyes mind and helped me see the real goals for my photography business. It was a day that changed my life... I decided to rebrand and start over using their tip on running a successful portraiture business.

Can't recommend them highly enough!

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