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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They all laughed...

Photographers are people with vision. It is our gift and it makes us who we are. Photography is more than just prowess with a camera. Photography requires a unique perspective, the ability to see more than that which is always obvious.
I took this image (above) at a recent wedding and made the mistake of showing the image on the camera's screen to the bridal party. They all laughed. They thought I had made a mistake, cutting the bride's head off. I laughed along, knowing all along that I had something else in mind as a final image.

I am pleased with it.

Previsualisation is an important aspect to successful photography. The ability to see the image in your head and then bring it to fruition is really at the heart of successful image making. For photographers, that is the lifelong learning process.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. So much emotion in this shot.
I always enjoy your articles in Better Photography, only just come across your blog and am loving it. Thanks for sharing.
Any chance of some workshops this side of the ditch? (Attended a few talks by Peter Eastway last year and learnt so much).
Thanks again
John Prinsloo, Auckland

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