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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Back from PMA 2009

Well, I actually got back on Monday, but this is the first chance I have had to update my blog! Yeah, I kinda hit the ground running! This year's Imaging Technology Show 2009 was fabulous. There were so many stands and the public support was wonderful. I got a chance to get my hands on the new Olympus Ep-1 and the promise that very soon I will receive a review camera for my magazine. The problem Olympus are going to have is actually getting that little beastie back! I must admit to not really having been a huge fan of Olympus cameras over the last couple of decades, but this is different. I really do like it, and I want to take one to India with me when I go there in late October. It is a great little 'street camera'.
Apart from that I had my new DVD's with me and managed to sell a few dozen of them, which was nice. I also spoke at the Picture Place, the theatre where the public were welcome to sit and listen to professionals and industry figures give half hour lectures. I was scheduled to speak last on each day as apparently I tend to go a little overtime...
Having my son, Nathan and my friend Richard Annable with me was also great, and being able to catch up with my business partner, John Pospisil was also fun. He is a great guy and a pleasure to work with.
It was also refreshing to have so many people from my digital photography tutorials website The Five Minute Photographer come to the stand and say Hi. This was enhanced by the constant stream of 'G'day Shelton' from listeners to the podcast I do with Bruce Williams, Shutters Inc.
Speaking of which,...our time in Sydney was celebrated on our last evening when Bruce invited Nathan, Richard and myself into his home to record a mammoth episode of Shutters Inc. Basically, it was four guys who love photography sharing a glass or six of red wine, some pizza and a three hour chat. To hear the madness and the philosophical banter than ensued, click here... From what I have heard from those who have endured it, its rather fun to listen to!
Well, it was another year, another chance to catch up with some fellow editors, photographers and friends. I look forward to next year...

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